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Best PET CT Scans in Bangalore

State of art modalities to ensure excellence in imaging with advanced camera used to capture radiopharmaceuticals, employing low dose and qualified professionals with advancements and updates in field of Nuclear Medicine.

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₹ 9999

Bengaluru’s most trusted and reputed name for Nuclear Medicine

  • Brain SPECT Thyroid I-131 / Tc-99m
  • Bone Scan – Whole body Myocardial Perfusion
  • MUGA Scan Lung Perfusion
  • Liver/Spleen PET CT
  • Renal – DTPA/MAG-3 Renal – DMSA

Quality standards

  • Affordable and flexible.
  • Quality care .
  • Unmatched services.
  • Hassle- free experience.
  • Latest In Technology .
  • Qualified Professionals.
  • Low Dose.
  • High Resolution Images.

Cost of PET CT Scans in Bangalore may vary from one imaging center to another. Our Price ranges from ₹ 9999 to 15000 against the market price of ₹ 25000 to 35000.

GetMeScan assures you the best quality, with no false positives or false negatives, and complete support to your satisfaction.

PET CT Scan price in Bangalore may vary from one imaging center to another. The Three important things to consider before choosing a diagnostic center are.

  • • How experienced is the medical practitioner?
  • • How updated is the technology?
  • • How accurate is the compiled report?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Every healthcare provider which we have partnered with have been diligently empanelled by us and substantially verified, with regards to accreditation and quality control.

Nuclear medicine is a super specialty which is the latest and upcoming branch of medical diagnostics and therapy. This sophisticated field of Molecular Imaging uses Radioisotopes to assess the function of the different organs in the body. Analysis of the function of different organs, Physiologic and functional Quantification of different parameters like Perfusion, Accumulation, Split function, Clearance and Excretion is done under a Gamma Camera after injection of Organ specific tracers.

Specialized studies can be done such as PET CT, Brain SPECT, Thyroid I-131 / Tc-99m, Parathyroid Scan, Breast, Bone Scan, Myocardial Perfusion – Rest/Stress, Lung Perfusion, Liver/Spleen, Hepatobiliary, GE Reflux, GI Bleed, Renal – DTPA/MAG-3/DMSA /VCUG, Lymph Node Scan, Gallium Scan, MIBG Scan.

For your convenience, we have partnered centers near to prime locations. Our Partnered centers are also near to most of Notable hospitals.

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